Fort Lauderdale Natural Regenerative Medicine, Low-Risk Treatments Launched

The medical clinic has long specialized in integrative medicine, holistic nutrition and natural aesthetic treatments, and now they are offering their patients more regenerative therapies–meaning, doctor-led treatments which focus on encouraging the body to heal itself using its own stem cells. ‘New You Medical’ believes that the body holds immense healing power, and that, by using a combination of regenerative medicine and preventative lifestyle care, patients will enjoy a greater overall sense of vitality and should see improvements in cognitive health, heart health, and joint health.

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‘New You Medical’ has launched their own regenerative treatments as the field of medicine continues to grow in the United States. With nationally acclaimed medical institutions like the Mayo Clinic opening a dedicated Center For Regenerative Biotherapeutics, ‘New You Medical’ believes the frontiers of this naturally healing and powerful branch of medicine will continue to expand. As Andre Terzic, M.D., Ph.D., from the Mayo Clinic’s new center explained, regenerative medicine harnesses the body’s natural healing ability and uses it to repair, regenerate, and restore the body’s healthy function.

‘New You Medical’ has an ethos of proactive and holistic care and they believe that regenerative medicine goes beyond disease management or curative care, and can help them address patient needs that may otherwise be unmet by standard medical professionals.

‘New You Medical’ currently has two new natural and low-risk regenerative therapies available to patients at their clinic. These are Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures and Regenerative Orthopedics, which both focus on regenerating and restoring the health of the tissues of the body, thereby, minimizing joint pain, helping patients recover more quickly from both acute injuries and chronic pain conditions.

‘New You Medical’ is a leading holistic health and preventative medicine clinic in Fort Lauderdale headed by Dr. Sharon McQuillan, a board-certified specialist of integrative, regenerative and aesthetic medicine.

A spokesperson for the natural regenerative medicine clinic said, “Modern medicine has made incredible breakthroughs. Still, as people live longer, more effective methods are needed to treat diseases and injuries common with aging. That is why regenerative medicine is one of the most exciting and promising fields in medicine today. By using the patient’s own stem cells, regenerative medicine has the potential to heal damaged organs and tissues. Regenerative medicine offers new hope and unprecedented solutions.”

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