Lincoln Park IL NAD+ Infusion Treatment For Depression, Anxiety & Sleep Launched

IV Solution and Ketamine Centers of Chicago aims to position itself as a leading provider of intravenous medical treatment with its custom NAD+ treatment plans. These treatments can offer therapeutic benefits for individuals suffering from energy, mood, or memory disturbances.

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The center’s NAD+ infusion treatments are tailored to the unique needs of the client. Before any treatment is administered, the team at IV Solution will conduct a thorough medical examination to understand and determine the best possible course of action. This includes assessing how much NAD+ is needed and for how long these sessions will last.

NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a naturally occurring coenzyme that nourishes the mitochondria. Levels of NAD+ deplete with age, but the process is hastened because of addiction or mental disorders. According to researchers, this rapid lessening of NAD+ causes an individual to seek out external substances to rebalance their cells and feel better.

This creates a vicious cycle, as those with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, or PTSD, may feel inclined to supplement their medicine with other substances “to feel good”. NAD+ infusion treatment converts nutrients into cellular energy, which improves cellular health and supports DNA repair.

Several studies have shown that NAD+ treatments may support people with active addiction and severe mental illnesses. The team at IV Solution explained that their treatments typically inject 500 mg of NAD+ during each session. Depending on the severity of their condition, clients may be recommended to have two to four sessions, with each session lasting roughly 30 minutes to one hour.

In addition to NAD+ treatment, IV Solution also offers ketamine IV treatments for a range of conditions.

A center spokesperson said, “Would you like to help increase your quality of life and brain functionality AND aid in combating depression, anxiety, fatigue, and anti-aging? NAD+ infusion treatments provide immediate results that include an increase in focus, energy, mood, memory, endurance, and improved sleep.”

IV Solution and Ketamine Centers of Chicago offers complimentary consults to new patients. Interested parties can find more information by visiting

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