UK Industry-Specific Dataset Vendor: Tailored B2B Lead Data Services Announced

With the new update, Flow, a growth automation solution, is now available throughout the UK. On average, deploying data-driven growth automation allows brands to double the speed of their sales cycle, while driving ten times more qualified leads.

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The company’s studies show that 80% of B2B data is currently undiscovered by businesses throughout the country. By implementing the LeadGenius dashboard in their workflow, companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors by accessing real-time data on their prospects.

Many sales teams face challenges staying on top of leads and spending too much time finding quality contact information. LeadGenius solves these issues through its innovative use of data. For example, in a case study with PayPal, within 90 days of using Flow with DataHub, LeadGenius generated 3 high-value opportunities representing over $3 million in potential processing volume.

A key differentiator of LeadGenius is its ability to source precision data on demand, going beyond traditional datasets to find contacts specific to each client’s needs. This eliminates stale or irrelevant data that wastes sales teams’ time.

LeadGenius also provides access to expansive global datasets, allowing teams to broaden their reach and find contacts in new regions and verticals. The service enables greater precision through industry-specific data sets that hone in on the right titles, technologies, and companies. Sales teams can go to market faster with hyper-targeted outreach.

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LeadGenius offers contact insights and account insights that provide sales teams with the context needed to have smarter conversations. With tech support available, clients can leverage LeadGenius as an extension of their team to drive conversion.

A recent client said: “I’m a huge LeadGenius fan. My team focuses its time on customer expansion and retention efforts and we have some gaps in what we know about our customers. LeadGenius helped us identify what that greenfield opportunity was across our customers to really target our messaging and campaigns to align with that.”

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