Franklin Township Apostolic Pentecostal Church: Bible Education Program Updated

With the recent update, Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc. offers holistic education learning programs to help individuals become passionate disciples of Christ and, in turn, effective communicators and leaders.

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The recent update is part of the New Jersey church’s family-centered education programs which use a faith-based curriculum to create an inclusive and motivating environment for those of all ages to celebrate and worship Christ.

Having held its first service in 2004, Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc. has grown from humble roots in the basements of the church’s Elder Sharon Laing. As the attendance for their spirit-filled teaching expanded, the church’s services were relocated to the larger Somerset Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company’s venue and at King’s Temple Church.

This rapid growth proved there was both a desire and need for increasing the educational teachings of apostolic Pentecostal principles for residents in and around the Franklin Township of New Jersey.

As a diverse and inclusive church, Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc. has ministries covering multiple aspects of family life, including those focused on supporting and empowering women, men, and young people, as well as for married couples and communities as a whole. All of the ministries combine the teachings of biblical principles alongside how to put these lessons into practical use to positively impact the community.

The church also offers online events for those unable to attend in-person gatherings. These online events include Bible Studies, Sunday Morning Services, and Youth Services. The online events are all conducted through Google’s ‘Hangouts Meet’ with registration available through the church’s website.

The church’s in-person services are available for anyone living in and around the local New Jersey area, with new members welcome to attend and take part in any of their events.

A spokesperson for Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc. said, “Our mission is to minister the gospel both nationally and internationally, to address all aspects of family life, including spiritual, medical, educational, financial, and leadership development.”

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Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc.

15 Angela Ct

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