St Heliers Dentist: Routine Checkups & Tooth Sensitivity Treatments Updated

With the announcement, the dental practice is encouraging patients experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity to schedule a check-up. Its team is experienced in restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

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Patients in the St Helier community can now access an expanded range of treatments, including root canals, fillings, and wisdom teeth removal, as well as state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures.

Natural Smile Dental recommends scheduling routine appointments every 6 to 12 months. For patients experiencing toothache, sensitivity, signs of gum disease, and other common concerns, the team of dentists will produce a customised treatment plan that seeks to rectify health and cosmetic issues. Additionally, they can provide advice on how patients can maintain proper oral hygiene between appointments.

During regular check-ups, the dentists may also conduct X-rays of the teeth and jaws which identify issues that may not be apparent in a visual inspection. The clinic uses digital X-rays which cause minimal exposure to radiation and EMS hygiene technology which cleans teeth quickly without causing pain or sensitivity.

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Dr Dave Richards, BSC (Hons), BDS founded the St Heliers centre on the principle of practising minimally invasive dentistry techniques that seek to preserve natural teeth, ideally preventing issues before they occur through routine appointments.

“When we treat decay, we aim to retain as much of your tooth as possible, restoring the damaged part with materials that look and act like real teeth. This approach preserves your tooth’s structure and reduces the chance that you’ll need a crown or root canal in the future,” a spokesperson for the practice explained.

About Dr Dave Richards

Dr Richards has biomedical and dentistry degrees from Otago University and is a national trainer in digital dentistry for CEREC, a new 3D technology used for making hyperrealistic crowns. He also holds memberships with the New Zealand Dental Association, the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Biomimetics Society, and the Endodontics Society.

More information can be found by visiting or by calling 09 585 0205.

Dr Dave Richards – Dentist St Heliers

188 Saint Heliers Bay Road
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