Revered Author and Life Coach aka “The Happiness Warrior” Eric North Affirms The Truth Of The Universe Is Always There

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New York City, New York Sep 1, 2023 ( – “If you have life in you, you have access to the secrets of the ages, for the truth of the universe resides in each and every human being.” – Morihei Ueshiba

Life coach and well-revered author Eric North has explored life in himself while looking for the Truth of the Universe. And now, he is sharing his findings with others to guide them on the path of true happiness. Being ‘The Happiness Warrior’, Eric knows to address these personal connections with the universe. With the help of his intricate knowledge, tools, and practices; it is time for everyone to implement them in their own lives. Trying to fit in the human and society-created impenetrable walls, Eric understood the fact that he was living for the sake of others’ perception while ignoring his authentic self. Creating a universal bond helped him find the right place where his spirit would be free. Finding the true purpose of life and the significance of living under the cover of the universe means much more than just living, it means living with true happiness.

On this journey of life and exploring the truth, Eric has gone through a fair share of ups and downs himself. Looking back to those days of suffering and pain, only empowers Eric to think how much fear and insecurity he has overcome through all these years. The secret to creating a magical life is rocket science but believing in own self, and the energy within which is part of the universe. Time has its way to healing everything and learning those ways of healing can ultimately help to achieve a better and more prosperous life ahead. One must remember that the universe is nothing but the communion of every existing and non-existing being. Keeping oneself open to such universal connections can help to take full accountability and establish personal core values. It helps to become the warriors of the right words and right actions at the right time.

Growth is a highly valuable aspect of human life and everyone needs to strive in order to survive. The beauty of human conscious lives is found in the ability to change mindset and create the attitude one needs to find happiness and satisfaction in their life. The obstacles on the path of spiritual and educational growth must be removed and that can be only done with the strong spirit of a survivor who seeks happiness. A lot of people can find their emotions to be the strongest obstacles on their path but there is a way to control them and one must know how to do it. Emotions are healthy but they can be overdone and all-consuming for many. Therefore, it is essential to learn the habits and mannerisms that control emotions. Emotional strength is the opposite of reaction and panic. It’s best to process slowly and practice civil behavior.

Emotions can make people worry and that can magnify itself beyond comprehension and quickly become anxiety and panic. Self-criticism becomes endemic and turns normal feelings of sadness and shame into rage and hopelessness. Rumination allows negative thoughts to take up too much space and time in the human brain. The obstacles on the path of life can quickly turn into anger and uncontrollable fury. No one likes a victim or a spoiler. It is always better to be grateful and conscious of the good things in life. People-pleasing behavior can make one live in another’s comfort and approval which gradually leads to unhappiness. It is also crucial to stop judging natural emotions and allow ourselves to process and redirect inner feelings. The power of manifestation, dreams, and destiny can help in making the right decisions, like a process of healing.

There is a lot more to living than just existing. Being someone who’s teetered on the edge of life more than a few times, Eric knows how important it is to think of life as a gift with gratitude. The more gratitude one can create the more easily one can find happiness and beauty in their life. Building a connection with the inner spirit helps to find commitment and joy in daily life. The universe can help in guiding human spirits on the right path. All humans will face many challenges throughout their lives; what matters the most is what attitude one takes on the matter. Logic and experience can help to find greater joy in happier times while offering both the small and big joys of life. Negativity and victimhood are the opposite of choosing life, and everyone should focus on that.

Just like the great philosopher Socrates said it best “Know thyself” and only then, humans can address their limitations, true nature, and desires and how they lead to a good life. Join Eric North on this journey of creating a connection with the universe at

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