Smile Sparker Unveils World’s First Customer-Priced Online Clothing Store

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New Fashion Platform Empowers Customers to Set Prices and Directly Contribute to Global Charities

New York City, New York Sep 3, 2023 ( – In a groundbreaking move, Smile Sparker has launched the world’s first online clothing store that lets customers decide the price they want to pay. The innovative platform is founded by Shihab Rahman and a passionate team spread across Canada and Bangladesh, rewriting the rules of online retail by providing consumers with cost transparency, a unique pricing model, and a powerful charitable component.

Growing up in Bangladesh, Shihab Rahman was profoundly impacted by the glaring inequities in the clothing industry. Despite the country being one of the world’s leading garment exporters, the labor force involved in the creation of these goods is frequently underpaid and overlooked. These workers often live in conditions far from decent, barely able to afford three meals a day.

In contrast, consumers in developed nations often find themselves paying exorbitant prices for clothing simply because it bears a popular brand name or logo. Rahman identified this as an inherently flawed system where customers essentially pay a ‘brand tax,’ far exceeding the garment’s true value. Meanwhile, the hands that actually crafted those clothes continued to live in abject poverty. This jarring disparity fueled a fire within Rahman, igniting a relentless desire for systemic change that could no longer be ignored.

“[Shihab Rahman] realized that the fashion industry was ripe for disruption; it needed a change that would not only make high-quality, stylish clothing accessible but also generate a ripple effect of positive social impact,” explains a spokesperson for the brand. “Smile Sparker is Rahman’s innovative solution to this complex problem. Each purchase from our store isn’t just a financial transaction; it’s a concrete step toward making a meaningful difference in the world.”

Taking a stand for transparency and consumer empowerment, Smile Sparker openly reveals the cost structure of each garment and offers the buyer the freedom to set their own price. Even more astonishing is that 50% of the amount paid over the cost price is channeled to trusted charitable organizations across the globe, with a primary focus on providing essential nourishment and clothing to underprivileged children.

Making the shopping experience guilt-free, charitable, and feel-good for the customer, allowing them to make conscious choices that serve a greater good. Each purchase becomes a dual act of self-expression and compassion, filling not just closets but also plates and hearts. Knowing that their fashionable choices are directly improving the lives of those less fortunate, customers can take pride in being part of a community that uplifts, inspires, and changes the world.

Within just a few months since its launch in May 2023, Smile Sparker has funneled over $700 to charitable causes. This incredible feat has touched lives in both local and international communities. Partnering with reputable organizations like Save the Children, Child Find of America, and The Lunchbox Fund, Smile Sparker is doing more than just talking about change; they’re making it happen. In addition, the company held its inaugural charity event recently, supplying food, garments, and educational materials to impoverished children in Bangladesh. For those interested in seeing the direct impact of their purchases, Smile Sparker’s website features a dedicated section, Smile Stories, where customers can follow the brand’s philanthropic journey.

But the brand’s commitment to change doesn’t end with its charity initiatives. Understanding the importance of a sustainable future, Smile Sparker pledges to plant one tree for every single order placed, reiterating its commitment to a more sustainable planet.

Boasting an extensive collection primarily focused on women’s fashion across all age groups, as well as a curated selection for men, the brand places great emphasis on ethical sourcing, partnering solely with trusted small businesses in the USA. These collaborations ensure not only the production of sustainable, high-quality products but also the maintenance of fair labor practices.

Smile Sparker invites consumers to be more than just customers; it welcomes them to become active contributors to global well-being. “With each purchase, you’re not just adding to your wardrobe; you’re adding smiles to the world, becoming a Smile Sparker” adds the company spokesperson.

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