Tackling the Feedback Crisis at Work: My Mirror 360 Launches this Labor Day

Austin, Texas Sep 4, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – In celebration of Labor Day, Mirror 360, an Austin, TX-based tech startup, announces the release of a new self-awareness-at-work app, which places the power of honest, continuous feedback directly in the hands of employees.

The professional world suffers from a chronic illness – a lack of honest, real-time feedback. According to Gallup(1), only 26% of employees agreed that the feedback they receive helps them do their work better.

Existing feedback models continue to result in delayed, politicized, or skewed reviews, leaving employees without a genuine understanding of their performance. Instead of clarity, these systems foster ambiguity, leading professionals to question their standing: “Am I doing okay?”, “What are my blindspots?” or “How can I be better?”

Aptly named My Mirror 360, the app offers users automated, anonymous, and continuous feedback, sourced from the colleagues and clients users choose. All, without getting managers or HR involved in the process.

How it Works:

Team Selection: Users define their feedback circle.

Automated Polls: The app occasionally and discreetly asks for quick, standardized reflections.

Insights: Users get to see an aggregated view of their professional persona.

“The essence of feedback is truth. We’ve seen the gaps in the traditional systems and wanted to approach the challenge differently, centering on genuine reflection and removing potential biases” said Petar Kralev, who is at the helm of the team behind My Mirror 360.

With no ties to supervisory or HR influences, My Mirror 360 represents a deviation from the norm, aiming to provide feedback free from political or other polluting elements. It’s initially being introduced to a select audience via invitations. Those who want to try it can also join a waitlist. For the time being, the app is being offered for free.

For a deeper look into this initiative, visit mymirror360.com

For media-related questions, contact: kolina@mirror360.org

About Mirror 360:

Mirror 360 was founded in 2022 in Austin, TX to fundamentally improve the workplace. The purpose of their self-awareness and transparency tools is to help employees reach their potential and find fulfillment at work.

(1) Gallup

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