Austin Bankruptcy Attorney Talks About Protecting Assets From Creditors

Amy Wilburn, a bankruptcy lawyer in Austin, talks about how automatic stay protects a person’s assets from creditors. In the recently uploaded informative video on the firm’s Facebook page, she discusses in detail how bankruptcy can address many concerns debtors face.

Amy shares some essential information on the topic. Upon filing for bankruptcy, individuals can experience the profound relief of the automatic stay coming into effect. An automatic stay is a respite from the pursuit of creditors, granting individuals a much-needed breather to reestablish themselves in their financial turmoil.

She further describes how one of her clients benefited from bankruptcy’s automatic stay. Stressed and anxious at the mounting financial burden, he found himself on the brink before deciding to file for bankruptcy. What followed was a transformative event that would change his perspective forever. Amy’s client was no longer at the mercy of creditors.

Amy reiterates that it is important to acknowledge that the outcome of a bankruptcy case can vary widely based on individual situations. The automatic stay is hardly an all-powerful, impervious shield. Its effectiveness might differ depending on the type of bankruptcy and the nature of the debts.

Amy Wilburn is an experienced bankruptcy attorney from the award-winning law firm Lincoln-Goldfinch Law. She attended Seattle University School of Law, earning her degree in 2014. Amy offers clients professional and empathetic advice. Her passion for helping clients extends beyond legal bounds, where she assists them as they learn to handle their finances for the future.

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is a top-rated bankruptcy law firm based in Austin, Texas. The firm addresses the needs of individuals who want to work through bankruptcy and reestablish their finances. Their team of attorneys aims to assist clients to get them back on track financially, where they can rebuild their credit.

They know how challenging it can be to be in debt, and sometimes bankruptcy may be the better option. Whether it’s Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the firm’s bankruptcy attorneys work to provide clients with a fresh start.

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