Disaster Preparedness & Survival Skills Education For Children: E-book Announced

The recently released e-book, titled “Survival Skills: How to Equip Your Child For Possible Future Undesirable Situations” covers a range of topics, including how to dial emergency numbers, climb a tree to escape predators, build a shelter, and develop situational awareness.

More information can be found at https://beginnerdisasterandsurvivalprep.com/child-survival-skills

The new e-book is a companion to Alexander Tawiah’s other guides to disaster preparedness and reflects the author’s goal of equipping children and families with tools and techniques to foster a greater level of self-reliance in the face of possible future catastrophes.

As reported by The Guardian, the recent case of four Colombian children who were able to survive for 40 days in the Amazon jungle shows how important disaster preparedness can be, as the successful outcome of the case is attributed to the fact that the eldest girl had learned survival skills from her grandmother, including how to find food, water, and shelter. As emergency situations can arise at any time, it is important for children to learn an array of skills that can help them survive unexpected disasters. “There’s a 39% chance your young ones may have to fend for themselves at some point,” says Alexander Tawiah. “But the truth is, your children will do just fine if you prepare them for such situations beforehand.”

The e-book covers key areas for basic self-reliance, such as how to apply first aid, start a fire, cook and grow food, and purify water, so that in a worst-case scenario, children will know how to take care of their basic needs.

Other survival skills covered include creating a family disaster plan, handling harassment, dealing with strangers, and navigating when lost.

Broader principles of survival and self-reliance are also covered, such as acknowledging nature and the value of life, adapting to shifts in the environment, and how to respond appropriately to situational changes when they arise.

The e-book has been written specifically with children from ages 5-13 in mind, with a style that is simple, accessible, and fun for young people.

Further details can be viewed at https://beginnerdisasterandsurvivalprep.com/


Via Enrico Bernardi

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