Indian duo wins the prestigious Intercontinental music award.

Rohit and Amrita from Trivandrum, India wins the ICMA Award for the “Asian Pop” category.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Sep 4, 2023 ( – Amritha and Rohith’s story can be easily called “From Lockdown to Stardom – a story of ‘HOPE’”. Not just partners in music but also in life, these incredible musicians have been honored with the prestigious InterContinental Music Awards (ICMA) for their original masterpiece ‘HOPE’ in the Asian pop category.

The InterContinental Music Awards (ICMA) isn’t merely a competition; it’s a celebration of the rich tapestry of world music. Musicians from all corners of the globe, irrespective of their background, genre, or language, converge here in harmonious diversity. These prestigious awards shine a spotlight on extraordinary talent within the music industry, providing a stage for both emerging and established artists to showcase their creative brilliance.

‘HOPE’, the song which won the award for Rohith and Amritha, sends out a profound message – It is a tribute to those enduring dormant phases in life, striving to survive with minimal resources, all while suppressing their deepest desires and passions. This musical gem serves as a poignant wake-up call, resonating with those who may have lost their way, gently nudging them to rekindle their hope.

Rohith Krishnan, a versatile musical talent, excels as a songwriter, composer, producer, mix engineer, pianist, keyboardist, and dynamic live performer. His illustrious journey includes collaborations with Indian guitar legend John Antony for the band ‘Karnatriix’. Holding an audio engineering degree from KM Conservatory, Chennai, Rohith’s keyboard skills have graced many popular bands. Amritha Rajan, the enchanting voice behind their harmonies, wears many hats – singer, songwriter, composer, producer, live performer, and sound designer. Her journey took a star-studded turn when she was selected by none other than AR Rahman for the ’99 Song Cover Contest’ in 2021. She was also a top 6 contestant on India’s first live singing reality show, ‘Rising Star Season 3,’ on Colors TV. Currently, she’s captivating audiences on the famous reality show ‘Saregamapa Keralam Season 2’ on Zee Keralam channel. Notably, Amritha’s work on the background score and sound design for the short film ‘Iyaan Paata’ has earned awards from various film festivals.

Beyond the music, their story is one of love – a serendipitous meeting on December 5th, 2018, for the show ‘Autumn Leaf’ which aired on Amrita TV. This auspicious encounter marked the inception of their musical journey, a journey that soon transitioned into a love story. As a duo, Rohith and Amritha embarked on their journey during the COVID-19 lockdown, a period when the world collectively held its breath. With dedication and meticulous care, Amritha and Rohith nurtured ‘HOPE’ into existence. ‘HOPE’ marked their debut release, propelling them into the international spotlight. The concept and theme of the song were meticulously crafted by Rejath Krishnan, the project’s cinematographer, while Haritha Haribabu wove the lyrical magic. Aashish Joseph expertly handled the mixing, and Abin Paul mastered the track. They also had another song called ‘Kripaya Palaya’ that got nominated for ICMA award in the Carnatic category.

Amritha Rajan and Rohith Krishnan are poised to unveil a series of releases that promise to captivate audiences globally. Rohith’s solo project as a songwriter and composer, ‘Searching for You’, is set to launch next year. While Amritha will be up with her upcoming project, ‘Kadalinnazham’, as a songwriter and composer, early next year.

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