Clearwater, FL: Insured Car Shipping Services Announced By Mr. Car Shipper

The Florida-based car shipping specialist prides itself on honesty, offering an alternative to providers that engage in bait-and-switch pricing techniques. Mr. Car Shipper also educates clients on car-shipping secrets that they need to be wary of through a webinar accessible through its website.

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According to the company, this latest announcement seeks to put a spotlight on the predatory nature of some operators in the segment. For instance, Mr. Car Shipper advises customers to avoid “cash on delivery” arrangements which can leave them vulnerable to a variety of schemes.

One recent customer said: “I have used Mr. Car Shipper twice and both times have been extremely pleased with the service. My vehicle was picked up on time, delivered on time, and in the same condition in which it was shipped.”

The hallmark of the company is upfront, guaranteed pricing. Every quote provided is fully transparent, with no hidden fees or surprise add-ons – and to underscore this, it is guaranteed in writing prior to pickup.

The company also offers customers the security of a contingent cargo insurance policy in its own name. Unlike some operators who rely on often inadequate individual driver policies, the team takes responsibility for complete insurance coverage for added assurance.

Customers may pay in full at the time of pickup or take advantage of the company’s pay-later plans – and never need to pay any type of deposit or pay the driver directly.

Throughout the entire car shipping process, from pickup to delivery, Mr. Car Shipper manages all logistics and remains the single point of contact. Customers can rely on the company’s team to oversee reliable transport until their vehicle arrives securely at its destination.

A spokesperson states: “Unfortunately, the car shipping industry is full of self-serving, predatory brokers who do not have your best interest in mind and you may not know you are working with one until it’s too late. Our company mission is to save as many consumers from predatory car shipping brokers as possible and to manage the chaos of shipping your car so you don’t have to.”

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