Pegasus Resources prepares for inaugural drill program at Pine Channel Uranium Project

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Pegasus Resources' CEO Chris Timmins, joined Steve Darling from Proactive to provide an update on the company's plans for advancing its projects.

Timmins revealed that Pegasus Resources is actively preparing for its inaugural drill program at the Pine Channel Uranium Property in the Athabasca Basin. This drill program represents a significant step forward for the company, as it aims to explore and potentially develop uranium resources in this prolific mining region.

Additionally, the company is focused on returning to its Icefields projects located near Golden, British Columbia.

In collaboration with Dahrouge Geological Consulting, Pegasus Resources plans to carry out a comprehensive mapping and sampling program. This program is designed to further enhance the understanding of the Icefields projects' gold, copper, and silver potential. By gathering more data through this exploration initiative, the company aims to better assess the economic viability of these resources.

Timmins also discussed the company's uranium exploration efforts in the United States, specifically highlighting the Rafael Uranium Project located in Utah.

As Pegasus Resources continues to expand its portfolio and exploration activities, the Rafael Uranium Project presents an opportunity to tap into the US uranium market and contribute to the global supply chain of this critical resource.

Overall, Timmins conveyed the company's commitment to advancing its projects and conducting thorough exploration programs to uncover the potential value of its mineral assets. Pegasus Resources' multifaceted approach to exploration and development underscores its dedication to creating value for its shareholders and stakeholders.

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