Plastic Pollution Impact On Sea Turtle Survival: Information Campaign Launched

Ever Wonder Adventure’s new information campaign is addressing the urgent issue of plastic pollution, urging individuals to reduce plastic waste. As a significant threat to marine life and conservation, household plastic items often end up in the ocean, and the campaign aims to raise awareness of this growing threat and encourage more responsible plastic use.

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Following the launch of their new information campaign, Ever Wonder Adventure explains that among all the ancient sea creatures, the sea turtle is one of the most vulnerable to the escalating threat of habitat destruction. While larger animals like whales and dolphins can stay further from shore, sea turtles need to lay eggs on the beach where plastic waste and toxic coastlines severely minimize their ability to reproduce.

“Sea turtles have graced the oceans for over 100 million years and are among the most severely affected,” a spokesperson from the organization said. “They mistake floating plastic debris for food, leading to ingestion-related issues, malnutrition, and sometimes death. The challenge doesn’t end with ingestion; entanglement in fishing nets and other discarded debris poses a severe threat.”

They further stated that the degradation of plastics releases toxins, infiltrating the marine food chain and eventually affecting larger marine creatures.

According to Ever Wonder Adventure, the adversities sea turtles and other marine creatures face today are not evolutionary but are driven by human activities. For this reason, a major aspect of its campaign is to make the public aware that its choices can create a ripple effect that can minimize the dangers that sea turtles face.

“The preservation of sea turtles is essential for the well-being of our oceans and the intricate balance of marine ecology. As we witness the devastating effects of plastic waste on these remarkable creatures, it becomes crucial to take action,” the organization said in a statement. “By adopting sustainable practices, reducing plastic pollution, and promoting conservation efforts, we can ensure the continued existence of sea turtles, safeguarding the health and resilience of marine ecosystems for generations to come.”

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