Salesforce CRM To ECi JobBOSS Pre-Built Automated Database Integration Launched

This integration created by the development team at Commercient has been developed to improve cross-team communication and is available on their proprietary SYNC platform. The integration allows the instantaneous synchronization of data between these two resource management platforms and can be installed without significant downtime.

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Commercient’s integration is capable of converting ECi JobBOSS data such as work orders, customer accounts, and ground-level processes into Salesforce-native equivalents. These new data entries can then be managed within the Salesforce system, streamlining resource management and improving visibility between a company’s sales and customer service teams.

The SYNC platform can perform the necessary integrations in a short amount of time using its pre-built solution, which requires no additional coding, mapping, or manual execution. The automated process can take place in the background, and can typically be completed in a few day’s time.

This integration is suitable for companies looking to consolidate their financials and generally eliminate redundant data entries. By bringing ECi data onto the Salesforce system, Commercient SYNC can allow for easier warehouse, supply chain, and customer resource management, all of which can be viewed from anywhere on the network.

The app also allows for the total customization of the data sync process, empowering teams to choose what data is duplicated and when. The data integration platform provides for a custom schedule to be set for the sync process that can be conducted as often as per-entry, or as seldom as once per week.

Commercient SYNC is a cloud-based system, which means that the sync process can be completed from anywhere with no additional on-site server load. The developer is committed to providing integration solutions that are more responsive, flexible, and unobtrusive than was previously possible, and this latest update is an extension of that mission.

The integration joins hundreds of others on the SYNC integration platform, which connects CRM and ERP integrations across dozens of industries. Interested parties can contact a Commercient representative to discuss installation, pricing, and specifics of the software, as well as read reviews and a detailed breakdown of the sync process, at the link below.

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