TRU Precious Metals announces key investment from Ormonde Mining

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TRU Precious Metals CEO Joel Freudman joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share details about the successful closure of a $3 million dollar non-brokered private placement with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ormonde Mining Plc.

Freudman highlighted that Ormonde Mining Plc is a natural resources company led by an experienced team with diverse expertise in areas such as base and precious metals, investment banking, and advisory services. The completion of this private placement marks a pivotal moment for TRU Precious Metals, as it establishes a strong partnership with Ormonde.

According to Freudman, this deal represents a transformative opportunity for TRU Precious Metals.

With the investment from Ormonde, the company has gained a significant partner and shareholder, making Ormonde the largest stakeholder in TRU. This investment also marks Ormonde's entry into the North American resource sector through TRU.

The strategic collaboration with Ormonde is expected to have a positive impact on TRU Precious Metals' operations. In addition to advancing the Golden Rose Project, Ormonde's involvement is anticipated to bring financial support for other opportunities as well.

This partnership with Ormonde Mining Plc positions TRU Precious Metals for growth and advancement in the North American resource space, allowing the company to further its exploration and development efforts in a strategic and well-supported manner.

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