Wallbridge Mining gets underway with 5,000-metre drill program at Grasset Gold Project

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Wallbridge Mining CEO Marz Kord joined Steve Darling from Proactive to provide an update on the company's ongoing activities in the Grasset Gold Project, which is situated adjacent to the Fenelon Gold Project.

Kord shared that Wallbridge Mining has initiated a phase-one drill program at Grasset Gold, encompassing approximately 5,000 meters of drilling. Kord emphasized the significance of the ongoing exploration efforts in the Grasset East Flexure area.

He mentioned that the company has identified 11 high-priority gold targets in this region using airborne geophysics data. These targets represent opportunities for potential gold mineralization that have not yet been tested by drilling.

Wallbridge Mining's focus on exploring the Grasset East Flexure area aligns with the company's broader strategy of maximizing the potential of its extensive land position, covering a substantial 830 kilometers.

The company's Fenelon Gold Project has already demonstrated positive results, as indicated by a favorable Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) that estimates an average annual gold production of 212,000 ounces over 12.3 years.

As Wallbridge Mining continues to undertake exploration and drilling initiatives across its properties, including the Grasset Gold Project, Kord's insights underscore the company's commitment to uncovering and realizing the full potential of its mineral assets.

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