Joliet, IL Psychiatrist Sexual Abuse Law Firm, Victim Representation Launched

Ervin Nevitt at Abuse Guardian has helped many sexual abuse victims file civil suits against their abusers, which they believe is one of the best ways for a victim to truly experience justice after their abuse. Now, he is reaching out specifically to those individuals who have been abused by their psychiatrist, a crime that they have seen increasing in the community.

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Abuse Guardian’s Ervin Nevitt believes that there can be an inherent power discrepancy in psychiatrist-patient relationships, which can result in an abuse of power. As an experienced sexual abuse attorney, he also explains that many people who need psychiatric treatment are battling with mental illnesses that may make them more vulnerable.

According to the latest figures from, an average of 6-10% of psychiatrists or psychologists sexually abuse their patients, with sexual crimes committed by psychiatrists being estimated to occur at a rate 37 times greater than rapes in the general community.

Abuse Guardian affirms that these statistics are unacceptable, believing that any victim who has been sexually assaulted, raped, molested, groped, endured indecent exposure, or suffered any other form of abuse at the hands of their psychiatrist deserves the highest level of legal representation to file a civil suit and seek compensation.

Abuse Guardian explained, “Victims can sue their psychiatrist for sexual abuse. Victims of psychiatrist sexual abuse have the right to seek justice and compensation for the harm they have suffered. Filing a lawsuit against a psychiatrist or medical professional who has engaged in sexual abuse can help hold them accountable for their actions and provide financial compensation for the victim’s losses and suffering.”

To help victims of abuse in and around Joliet, Ervin Nevitt offers free confidential consultations and contingency fee-based representation. However, because a statute of limitations applies in sexual abuse cases, the firm recommends victims contact their services as soon as possible.

Illinois attorney Ervin Nevitt is ready to listen, support, and advocate for victims across the state.

With a free consultation and no-win, no-fee representation, survivors have nothing to lose and everything to gain with Abuse Guardian’s Ervin Nevitt.

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