RocketFuel Payment Solutions CEO Peter Jensen discusses Visa’s move towards stablecoin settlements

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Rocketfuel Payment Solutions CEO Peter Jensen joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discuss Visa's recent announcement regarding its acceptance of stablecoins for settlements.

Visa made a significant announcement that it would allow merchants, banks, and acquirers to settle using stablecoins, marking a major development in the adoption of cryptocurrencies within traditional financial systems. The initiative aims to provide greater flexibility and speed in cross-border settlements, enhancing the efficiency of payment processes.

Jensen noted that Visa's move toward accepting stablecoins, such as USDC, signifies a significant step toward legitimizing cryptocurrencies as a viable method of payment. It also highlights the growing acceptance of blockchain technology and its applications in the financial industry.

RocketFuel Payment Solutions has been at the forefront of enabling gig economy workers and freelancers to receive payments in cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, providing them with greater control over their earnings and the ability to tap into the benefits of blockchain technology.

As highlighted by Jensen, one of the key advantages of using cryptocurrencies and stablecoins for payouts is the speed and cost-effectiveness of transactions, especially in cross-border scenarios. Traditional banking systems often involve lengthy processing times and high fees for international transfers, which can be a significant barrier to efficient payments.

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