Arlanza Riverside, CA Colombian Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Post-Surgery Therapy

CLDM can help reduce swelling and increase circulation in the lymphatic system and is often recommended as a post-surgery recovery aid. By employing their expertise with this technique, the professionals at Lotus Body Contouring & Post-Lipo also provide clients with a natural way of eliminating toxins and improving overall circulation.

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With the announcement, the medical spa responds to the need for more holistic approaches to wellness and post-operative care. The CLDM technique is particularly aimed at individuals who may have a sensitivity to pressure or are seeking a holistic approach to lymphatic drainage.

A spokesperson for the center said: “After years of training in lymphatic drainage techniques, we started putting our spin on the technique. We combined our years of knowledge with it to create the Lotus signature method.”

Prior to each session, a therapist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s lymphatic system to identify specific areas requiring attention. To maximize the benefits of CLDM, it is recommended that individuals commence the treatment within 24 to 48 hours after surgery.

Unlike traditional massage types, in CLDM, the therapists follow the flow of the lymph fluid and adapt the pressure to the needs of the client. By capitalizing on the open incisions, the therapists gently exert pressure on the skin, promoting the rapid drainage of fluids through these openings.

Sessions typically last 60 minutes, and the frequency can vary based on the specific condition being addressed. Clients may need to come in for a few sessions or for regular appointments scheduled over several months.

In addition to CLDM, Lotus Body Contouring & Post-Lipo specializes in post-liposuction and body contouring services using modern approaches and aesthetic technology.

A satisfied client said: “She spent the entire session sharing her knowledge with me and answering my millions of questions. She didn’t skip a beat, giving me all the details and sharing her 20+ years of experience. After my first session, I felt like a new person. My swelling had noticeably reduced, and I felt so much better.”

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