Bronx Full Service Movers, Tips To Prepare Homes For Moving Day Released

A 2023 survey by Angi found that around 33% of people who moved locally in the past 12 months hired professional movers; for long-distance relocation, this number is even higher: 42%. While full-service moving is mostly hands-off, there are tasks that need to be completed before the crew arrives. As such, the moving specialists at have released a guide which offers tips on how to prepare for moving day.

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In “How To Prepare for Full-Service Movers”, discusses the important steps individuals should take before and during moving day – from creating a moving inventory checklist to preparing cash for tips – to make the moving process easier for themselves and the crew.

As explains, “Full-service movers are quite competent, but they will really appreciate you being prepared for them.” To start, the guide recommends creating a moving checklist of all the belongings to keep track of all the items that are being packed and unpacked. Taking photos is also advised, as they can serve as evidence in case of damage.

While full-service movers will generally pack all the belongings, suggests that individuals should pack and transport their essential items themselves. A change of clothes, toiletries, a first-aid kit, and chargers should be included in the essentials box – along with important documents, expensive jewelry, and heirlooms.

When it comes to preparing the home itself for moving day, the guide suggests “unplug, unhook, empty, and disassemble” as the first step. Appliances should be emptied and unplugged; furniture, such as chairs and beds, should be disassembled; and all wall hangings should be removed.

For the duration of the packing and loading, pets and kids should be kept out of the way – preferably occupied in a room that has already been packed – while food, drinks, and tipping money should be readily available, says appreciates that for many Americans moving is one of the most stressful events in life, which is why it provides resources for both DIY and full-service moves. With a network of over 700 licensed and insured movers, it can provide up to seven estimates from local professionals, at no cost.

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