Moving Mountains Recovery: Supported Addiction Recovery for Sustained Sobriety

Moving Mountains Recovery is dedicated to supporting individuals facing drug and alcohol addiction. Their wide-ranging expertise extends to helping clients dealing with different kinds of substance abuse, including cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, and more. With a holistic approach, the center prioritizes emotional, social, and physical health and wellness, fostering self-acceptance and skill development. Recognizing the uniqueness of each client’s journey, Moving Mountains Recovery crafts personalized treatment plans that encompass individual therapy, group counseling, adventure therapy, and emotionally focused therapies. Their programs offer both inpatient and intensive outpatient options, ensuring flexibility and tailored care.

As a crucial first step, the rehab center provides drug detoxification services for those who have not undergone a gradual tapering process in prior programs or facilities. The detox program, facilitated by trained professionals, employs prescription medication, round-the-clock supervised care, and intravenous fluids to manage withdrawal symptoms. These measures are pivotal in minimizing discomfort and can be life-saving for clients experiencing severe symptoms, such as hallucinations, diarrhea, or fever.

After detoxification, clients at Moving Mountains Recovery can continue their journey through either the inpatient or intensive outpatient programs. The center provides a serene and secure environment conducive to 24-hour stays for those choosing the inpatient program. However, for clients who need to balance work or school commitments, the center’s compassionate staff can develop an intensive outpatient schedule tailored to their specific needs.

The outpatient program serves as a valuable extension, reinforcing the healthy coping skills acquired from previous levels of care. Here, the dedicated staff places a strong emphasis on establishing relapse prevention strategies to support long-term sobriety. As part of this comprehensive approach, they actively encourage clients to engage in 12-step fellowships or participate in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, fostering the development of a robust support system.

Moving Mountains Recovery also uses adventure therapy to help clients overcome many challenges that come with addiction. The center looks beyond the addiction itself and deals with issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, and behavioral challenges that make staying sober difficult. With this therapy program, clients engage in rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, skiing, swimming, fishing, and rope courses, among other outdoor activities. The staff focuses on creating a highly engaging form of psychotherapy through nature and physical activity to boost happiness, purpose, and self-confidence.

Once clients complete their addiction recovery program, the center automatically enters them into the alumni network and sobriety support program. Moving Mountains Recovery believes sobriety is a life-long journey, and they never want their clients to feel alone. As such, they have developed a reliable support system that features community interaction on social media pages and alumni events. The center calls back its alumni to share stories with those currently undergoing the addiction recovery program to offer inspiration and advice.

A quote from the center’s website stated this about their services,

“We believe that it is vital for treatment providers to assist clients in finding a passion for life. Our goal is to do just that; to guide our clients toward discovering something that gives them purpose. Nestled in the quiet serenity of Randolph, New Jersey, our innovative recovery programs help individuals find the motivation necessary to persevere through challenging situations.”

Individuals can Consider Moving Mountains Recovery for the support needed to achieve sustained sobriety. Call the center at 9733975055 to consult or book an appointment. The rehab center is located at 2 Emery Ave, Randolph, NJ, 07869, US.

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